TORLEO Smart Valve Positioner can be tried for free now

Release time:

2024-01-19 08:57

Since the successful development of TORLEO smart valve positioner, whether it is recommended by customers or through the Internet, it has attracted more and more customers' attention, and they have telephoned to inquire about the product performance and usage of TORLEO smart valve positioner. In view of these conditions, In order to avoid customers' doubts, our company has formulated a free trial plan. For all customers who are interested in our company's products, we will formulate corresponding solutions according to the actual needs of customers, and provide samples for customers to try out for one month. During the trial period, our company can optimize the product and upgrade the software according to the reasonable request or suggestion of the customer. After the trial period expires, if the customer does not accept our products, they only need to send it back to our company. If they have the intention, they can transfer to the business link for negotiation.