Wuhan Tuoyou Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd. applied for the ninth batch of "3551 Optics Valley Talent Plan" of Optics Valley-----Innovative (long-term) talent plan

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2024-01-19 08:57

It is reported that the ninth batch of "3551 Optics Valley Talent Plan" applications are divided into five categories: entrepreneurial talents, innovative (long-term) talents, innovative (short-term) talents, high-end management talents, and technology (financial) service talents. Still facing the five pillar areas of Optics Valley, such as optoelectronic information, biology, new energy and environmental protection, high-end equipment manufacturing and modern service industry, it focuses on absorbing innovative and entrepreneurial talents with core technologies and independent intellectual property rights, or has worked in large international financial investment institutions, Talents who have served as executives in well-known accounting firms, large enterprises, and multinational companies.

The "3551 Optics Valley Talent Plan" has been implemented for 6 years and has invested a total of 1.2 billion yuan in financial support. It has gathered more than 3,000 domestic and overseas talent teams, 269 national "Thousand Talents Program" experts, and 133 Hubei Province "Hundred Talents Program" experts. More than 1,000 candidates for the "3551 Optics Valley Talent Program", more than 70% of them have overseas work or study abroad background. At present, 7 companies with 3551 talents have been successfully listed.

The TORLEO intelligent valve positioner project independently developed by Wuhan Tuoyou Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the ninth batch of "3551 Optics Valley Talent Plan" on April 15, 2016-the innovative (long-term) talent plan field work report, by The chairman Mr. Liu Xi gave a lecture, which lasted 20 minutes and aroused a warm response from the judges and experts, who all expressed great interest in the research and development and industrialization of intelligent valve positioners.