Liu Xi, Chairman of Topu Intelligence, won the 2019 China Economic Top Ten Ingenuity Awards

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2024-01-02 08:59

On December 28-29, 2019, the "2019 China Economic Development Summit Forum and China Economic Influential Figure Award Ceremony" with the theme "Who wins respect for the Chinese economy in the new era" was grandly held in Beijing.

Who wins respect for China's economy in the new era

Xu Wenrong, Chairman of the Hengdian Co-Creation and Shared Wealth and Sharing Working Committee, was awarded the "Lifetime Achievement Award for People of the Year in China's Economy in 2019"; Zhang Wuzong, Chairman of Shiheng Special Steel Group Co., Ltd., Zhou Jingliang, Chairman of Shenzhen Jingtian Food and Beverage Co., Ltd., People Holding Group Zheng Yuanbao, Chairman of the Co., Ltd., Song Jiacheng, Chairman of China Consumer Cloud Group, Shen Xiaoping, Chairman of Tongding Group Co., Ltd., Lu Jianzhong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Datang Xishi Cultural Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd., and Shi Guilu, Chairman of Rongmin Holding Group Co., Ltd. , Wang Wenyin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zhengwei International Group Co., Ltd., Hu Xingrong, Chairman of Dover International Holdings Group Co., Ltd., and Peng Guoyuan, Chairman of Heart Milestone Holdings Group Co., Ltd. were awarded the "2019 China Economic Person of the Year" award. Lei Jun, Chairman of Xiaomi Technology, Huang Zheng, Founder of Pinduoduo, Ren Weiming, Chairman of Jinda Holdings, Yu Jinfang, Chairman of Jinzhou Group, Wu Yingping, President of Changchun Yingping Rheumatism Hospital, Li Shufu, Chairman of Geely Group, Yao Junliang, Chairman of Meijin Energy Group , Li Qian, President of Guangdong Kangchen Pharmaceutical, Pan Minzhi, Chairman of Leshan Radio, Wu Yongtian, Chairman of Bama Hetai, An Ting, Chairman of Beijing Hikenpiya, and Liu Xi, Chairman of Wuhan Topyou Intelligent Co., Ltd., and more than 100 corporate leaders list More than 200 advanced figures and advanced units were awarded "2019 China's Economic Influential Person of the Year", "2019 China's Top Ten Economic Influential Persons", "2019 China's Top Ten Innovative People", and "2019 China's Top Ten Economic Innovators" "Business Mulan", "2019 China's Top Ten Ingenuity Figures", "2019 China's Economic Emerging Figures" and "2019 China's Top Ten Influential Enterprises", "2019 China's Top Ten Innovative Enterprises", "2019 China's Top Ten Economic Top Ten "Ingenuity Enterprise", "2019 China Economic Emerging Enterprise" honors.


Group photo of the figures of the 2019 China Economic Year

In order to further implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, seize the development opportunities in the new economic era, cultivate new momentum for economic development, and strive to create a new situation in economic development, the China Brand Development Network, China Business News, China Business Magazine, and China Management Science The “2019 China Economic Development Summit Forum and China’s Economic Influential Figures Awards Ceremony” co-sponsored by the Enterprise Research Institute of the Academy and the China Circulation Research Institute of Capital University of Economics and Business aims to excavate and commend the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Influential figures and advanced models who have made outstanding contributions to the development process. The ceremony was hosted by the host of CCTV, Gu Qian, and the host of CCTV International, Xia Di.

Bai Lichen, Vice Chairman of the 11th CPPCC National Committee; Liu Zhongli, Chairman of the Economic Committee of the 10th CPPCC Standing Committee and former Minister of Finance; Gao Qiang, Director of the Budget Committee of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and former Minister of the Ministry of Health; Zhuang Congsheng, Chairman of the Economic Research Society, Ma Wenpu, Vice Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the 11th National People's Congress and former Vice Minister of the Central International Liaison Department, Zhou Keren, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, Chang Keren, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Culture and Secretary of the Party Committee of the directly affiliated institutions, Counselor Office of the State Council Special Researcher, President of the Chinese Society of Labor, former Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Yang Zhiming, former Deputy Director of the Policy Research Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Deputy Chairman of the China Center for International Economic Exchange Zheng Xinli, Chairman of the Chinese National Health Association Wu Yingping , Founder of China Brand Development Network, Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee of China Economic Development Summit, Secretary-General of China Business Club, Cao Li, Deputy Director and Professor of Economics Department of the Central Party School, Zhu Heliang, Dean of China Circulation Research Institute, Capital University of Economics and Business , Wang Hui, Director of the Enterprise Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences, Wang Yadong, Former President of the Economic Daily China Economic Information Magazine, Liu Peng, co-founder of China Brand Development Network, Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee of the China Economic Development Summit, and other officials, Industry, academia, and research circles gathered together, and nearly 1,000 people shared the annual feast.

 Bai Lichen, vice chairman of the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, attended the award ceremony and delivered an opening speech

2019 China Economic Person of the Year Award Ceremony Site

It is reported that the 2019 China Economic Development Summit and the selection of China's economic influencers use the five parameters of "innovation, influence, contribution, growth, and driving force" as the criteria to consider the qualifications of the candidates. Through multi-angle and multi-dimensional selection, we strive to more comprehensively and authoritatively reflect the advanced figures and units emerging in China's economic and social development.


2019 China Economic Development Summit Forum and China Economic Influential Figure Awards Ceremony (partial)

China’s economic take-off is the result of countless outstanding entrepreneurs who have overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties. In recognition of the outstanding contribution made by Liu Xi, chairman of Wuhan Tuoyou Intelligent Co., Ltd. in China's economic and social development, the organizing committee awarded him the honorary title of "2019 China's Top Ten Ingenuity Figures".


Liu Xi, chairman of Wuhan Tuoyou Intelligent Co., Ltd., was named the top ten ingenuity figures of China's economy in 2019

Reason for the award: He is keenly concerned about the shortcomings in the field of intelligent control of pneumatic valves in China, and high-end intelligent valve positioners rely heavily on imports. In order to change this phenomenon, he gave up his green card and returned to China to start his own business. He devoted himself to the high-end intelligent control of pneumatic valves. He ingeniously developed intelligent valve positioners based on nozzle baffle technology. The technology filled the domestic gap and used Chinese brands to boost new valve control in China. Develop and realize import substitution.


TORLEO extension excellent intelligent valve positioner, CCTV [Credit China] to promote the brand

Liu Xi is a person with keen market judgment. In 2012, he paid attention to the fact that the high-end intelligent control of China's pneumatic valves based on nozzle baffle technology is almost a blank point and shortcoming, which is far behind the status quo of developed countries in Europe and America. At the same time, he also realized that "import substitution" in the industrial field is the next ten Opportunity period of years. Such an opportunity made him very excited. He wanted to make up for this shortcoming, so the seeds of creating Chinese own "smart valve positioner" products sprouted in his heart. He was determined to make a Chinese brand of smart valve positioner and realize imports. Substitute. For this reason, he gave up his overseas identity and a stable life, resolutely chose to return to his country to start a business, and founded Wuhan Topyou Intelligent Co., Ltd. as chairman and CEO.


Liu Xi, chairman of Wuhan Tuoyou Intelligent Co., Ltd., speaks at the roundtable meeting of the Economic Summit Forum

Innovation is the soul of a nation’s progress, an inexhaustible driving force for the prosperity of a country, and the deepest and most accumulated national endowment of our Chinese nation. In today's rapidly changing market economy, under fierce competition, only innovators enter, only innovators are strong, and only innovators win. Liu Xi often instills a unique and innovative R&D viewpoint to the R&D team. He said: "Innovation and R&D is not technology, but user value. Technology is only a means to realize value. It is necessary to tap the needs and pain points of users, grasp the development direction of the industry, and maximize user value." Such a form of innovation allows Topyou to continuously improve and develop itself, provide better products and services while making up for its own shortcomings, and enhance innovation. This is a kind of vital innovation and a kind of boost. Innovation for the rapid development of the enterprise.


Top quality research and development, world creation, focus on innovation, and ingenuity to lead the development of the industry

Not only that, Tuoyou invests a certain amount of funds every year for iterative upgrades of products. At present, the fourth-generation intelligent valve positioner iteratively developed has entered the stage of small batch trial production. He believes that once it is launched on the market, it will definitely bring a brand new high-quality user experience to users. Therefore, innovation is a pain point for many companies, but it is the cornerstone and booster of success for innovation-focused optimization. Because I believe that concentration is the prerequisite for ingenuity, I chose innovation. Because of this choice, Topcom has more room for development and possibilities.

Under the wave of economic globalization, Topology has well adapted to the trend of the times. Adhering to the global R&D strategy of "extensive R&D and world creation", the company is headquartered in Wuhan Donghu High-tech Development Zone, responsible for product development, assembly and market operations. The overseas office is located in Toronto, North America, Canada, responsible for product software and industrial AI research and development. Such a corporate strategy makes good use of talents and regional advantages, realizes resource integration, and enhances the core competitiveness of the company.

"Focus, Innovation, Responsibility" is the unremitting pursuit of Tuoyou from the beginning to the end. Because of focus, so professional; because of innovation, so broad; because of responsibility, so far. In the future, Liu Xi will lead the company to continue to cultivate in the intelligent manufacturing industry, determined to be a Chinese brand's intelligent valve positioner, realize import substitution, and then compose new brilliance for Chinese brands along the Belt and Road.

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