What are the advantages of the intelligent valve positioner?

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2024-01-02 08:59

In the valve positioner, there is a type of positioner called smart valve. It is a process control instrument that uses microprocessor technology as the basis, and then uses digital technology for data processing, so that decision generation and two-way communication can only be process control instruments. A valve positioner that does not require manual adjustment, can automatically detect the zero point, full range, and automatically set the control parameters of the control valve. What features does it have?

Because the intelligent valve positioner system is mainly a control unit, the input unit receives the current signal from the controller, and the control valve position feedback signal is compared with the fixed signal value in the microprocessor as the controlled variable. Its deviation is Through the output port of the main control board, pulses of different lengths are sent out, so that the charging and discharging speed and action can be adjusted, so as to achieve the process of controlling the action of driving the regulating valve and determining the position.

Now with the development of computer technology, electronic technology, communication technology, and good diagnostic technology, the demand for valve positioner is getting higher and higher. The requirement is that network communication and power supply should be in line. Its core part is The components can be pneumatically controlled to achieve relatively low energy consumption for operation, thereby ensuring that the network bus-controlled system can be guaranteed and reliable when it is running.

Secondly, because the intelligent valve has relatively good reliability, so in terms of high control accuracy, there are some characteristics such as communication, fully adapt to the network of industrial control system, so as to obtain the realization of use, to facilitate our lives .