The working principle of valve positioner

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2024-01-02 08:59

Under the advancement of technology, we have developed a valve positioner to control the equipment in order to work more accurately. The valve positioner can be used in conjunction with various equipment. Using the valve positioner, we can understand a signal of the adjustment output in the equipment, so as to realize the control of the equipment. Although the use of valve positioners is very common in our lives, many people do not know much about the structure and working principle of valve positioners. Let's take a look at the working principle of the valve positioner together.

The valve positioner is not used independently in the equipment, but used as an accessory of the control valve. This is because the valve positioner is more like a measuring instrument, which can input the phenomenon of valve stem displacement as a feedback measurement signal, and then display it. In this way, we can understand whether there is a problem with the operation when we are operating, and it is also a check for abnormal phenomena. This is also the reason why valve positioners are used a lot.

Secondly, when the valve positioner is running, it will also reduce the valve stem displacement to correspond to the signal between the controller. At this time, it will feedback when the signal corresponds or is abnormal, and stop the work of the equipment from the heat. This is also a protective measure for the valve positioner, and we can also troubleshoot equipment faults based on the signal provided by the valve positioner.