Functions and advantages of intelligent valve positioner system

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2024-01-10 11:25

In modern automatic control systems, the importance of regulating valves is becoming more and more obvious, and regulating valves with better functions are becoming more and more intelligent. The intelligent regulating valve system integrates the functions of sensors, regulators and regulating valves. , Which greatly simplifies the process of automatic control. The main advantages of the intelligent valve positioner system are reflected in:

一. Intelligent control. The intelligent valve positioner system has more complete control intelligence. It can be used as a regulating valve to receive a 4-20mA signal under program control to adjust the valve opening. It can also work as an independent controller or transmitter. When the device is used, it receives 4-20mA analog signal, or digital signal sent via RS-485 interface, or performs PID adjustment according to the programmed program.

2. Communication intelligence. The intelligent valve positioner system can be connected to the main control room by digital communication. The addressable digital signal sent by the main control room is received by the intelligent control valve through the cable. The main computer can adjust and manage the control valve group. You can also use other methods to connect to the network, either a single connection or a multi-valve connection. The intelligent control valve system can also perform remote monitoring, tuning, and modify parameters or algorithms.

3. Diagnostic intelligence. It is faster, more accurate and safer to install the intelligent regulating valve system on the spot than the centralized control method of the instrument control room, because the centralized control system takes a long time to monitor and process the data collected by the sensor, especially for the gas circuit. In the transmission system, the gas path is very long and the lag is serious. On-site diagnosis and control with the intelligent control valve system are very timely.

Four. Intelligent protection. The protection intelligence of the intelligent valve positioner system is embodied in two aspects: on the one hand, it must protect the regulating valve itself, on the other hand, it must protect the entire system. The characteristic of the intelligent control valve is to protect itself after correct diagnosis, for example, monitor the power phase sequence and signal input of the electric actuator to ensure that the motor rotates correctly; when the valve is stuck, cut off the power supply to protect the motor from burning out , And give an alarm in time; when the valve packing leaks, temperature, pressure, valve position and other parameters change, adjust it in time.