Intelligent valve positioner features introduction

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2024-01-18 17:25

Features of Intelligent Valve Positioner:

1. The intelligent valve positioner system is mainly composed of a control unit, an electrical conversion I/P unit, and a valve position detection feedback unit. The positioner and the actuator form a feedback loop. The input unit receives the 4-20mA current signal from the controller. The position feedback signal of the regulating valve is compared with the given signal value in the microprocessor as the controlled variable. The deviation sends out pulses of different lengths through the output port of the main control board to adjust the charging and exhausting speed and action to control the driving of the regulating valve. Action and location process.

2. Nowadays, with the development of computer technology, electronic technology, communication technology, and intelligent predictive diagnosis technology, the demand for intelligent valve positioner is getting higher and higher, which requires it to adapt to the co-line of network communication and power supply. Its core part Pneumatic control components must achieve ultra-low energy consumption operation to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the network bus control system.

3. The intelligent valve positioner has the characteristics of high reliability, high control accuracy, easy expansion of functions, and communication capabilities. It fully adapts to the requirements of the development direction of networking, integration and intelligence among industrial control systems, and fundamentally overcomes the traditional machinery The shortcomings of valve positioner such as large power loss, slow response speed, easy heating, mechanical wear, electromagnetic interference and so on. The intelligent valve positioner uses pneumatic pilot technology to achieve internal air circuit control, that is, a small valve is used to control the flow of compressed air and then compressed air is used to push the large valve to achieve flow control of the controlled medium. This hierarchical control idea is applied through piezoelectric valves Achieved.