Wuhan Tuoyou 198 intelligent valve positioners have been successfully put into operation and trial run on six production lines of the 150000 ton lithium iron phosphate project in Guizhou Yuneng New Energy

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2024-01-02 08:59

With the deepening of the domestic substitution strategy, recently, Wuhan Tuoyou Intelligent Co., Ltd. successfully delivered 198 intelligent valve positioners, and successfully put into trial operation six production lines of the 150000 ton lithium iron phosphate project in Guizhou Yuneng New Energy.
This means that China has taken another solid step in the field of intelligent valve positioners, which will further assist in the promotion of the domestic new energy industry.
Intelligent valve positioner is a precision instrument that can achieve precise control of valve opening in process control systems, ensuring stable operation of process parameters and improving production efficiency. The intelligent valve positioner of Wuhan Tuoyou Intelligent Co., Ltd. has the following major technological advantages:
1. High precision control: Wuhan Tuoyou Intelligent Valve Positioner has high-precision measurement and control capabilities, which can achieve a control accuracy of ± 0.5%, effectively ensuring the stability and continuity of the production process;
2. Wide applicability: suitable for various types of valves, such as ball valves, butterfly valves, and gate valves; And can work normally in harsh environments such as high temperature, high pressure, and low temperature, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the system;
3. High torque output: With powerful driving force and output torque, it can adapt to various types and specifications of valves, ensuring the normal opening and closing of valves;
4. Easy to install and maintain: This product has a foolproof one click self-tuning function that can be debugged in minutes. It has a built-in fault locking function, and does not require an external solenoid valve or power loss comparator. Only an external air lock valve can easily achieve the three break protection of valve power outage, signal outage, and gas outage,
The unique valve online replacement locator function effectively solves the pain points of replacing locators without stopping production during the production process for users;
5. Energy conservation and environmental protection: Wuhan Tuoyou Intelligent Valve Positioner adopts a low-power design, with a static gas consumption of every 20L/h, which can reduce enterprise operating costs and achieve resource conservation, which is beneficial for environmental protection.
The 198 intelligent valve positioners delivered by Wuhan Tuoyou Intelligent Co., Ltd. have saved a lot of manpower and material resources for the domestic new energy industry, effectively improving production efficiency.
I believe that under the active promotion of the domestic substitution strategy, China's intelligent valve positioner market will usher in better development prospects.
In short, the technological advantages and practical application effects of domestic intelligent valve positioners make these products have extraordinary market prospects in the industrial field.
As a high-quality representative of domestic valve manufacturing, Wuhan Tuoyou Intelligent Co., Ltd. will continue to be committed to technological innovation and development, making greater contributions to the sustainable development of the country and industry.