Leaders and technical experts from China National Offshore Oil Corporation visited Wuhan Tuoyou Intelligent Co., Ltd

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2024-01-19 09:18

On October 10th, leaders and technical experts from China National Offshore Oil Corporation (hereinafter referred to as CNOOC) visited Wuhan Tuoyou Intelligent Co., Ltd. to conduct research and technical exchanges on the application of TORLEO intelligent valve positioner in offshore operation platform.



During the exchange, Wuhan Tuoyou showed CNOOC leaders and experts the research and development results and market application of intelligent valve positioners. CNOOC made a special explanation on the working conditions of offshore platforms, emphasizing that reliability is key. Wuhan Tuoyou proposed a customized scheme for positioners for the open sea water moisture corrosion and compressed air humidity of the offshore platform of CNOOC project, and demonstrated the remote reading valve position feedback of HART communication. CNOOC's leaders and experts affirmed the original intention of Tuoyou people to insist on nozzle baffle technology research and development of locators; The appearance and structural design of the stainless steel explosion-proof products newly developed on the Panyu project were affirmed; The technical optimization plan made by the technical team of Topyou on the special working conditions of the offshore platform was affirmed.




As a leading manufacturer of intelligent valve positioners in China, Wuhan Tuoyou Intelligent Co., Ltd. has always focused on providing customers with high-quality products and technical solutions. The visit of CNOOC leaders and experts is an affirmation of Wuhan Topyou's focus on intelligent valve positioner business, and it is also a kind of support and recognition for Topyou's products and technologies.

After the inspection, CNOOC spoke highly of Topyou's products, and expressed admiration for the original intention of the founder of Topyou for 12 years to focus on the domestic replacement of intelligent valve positioners. The two sides said that they will continue to strengthen in-depth cooperation in the future, promote the domestic replacement of intelligent valve positioners, and make "Made in China" a leader and promoter of high-end equipment manufacturing in the domestic oil industry.


【Correspondent Tuoyou Xiaopanpan】