The leader of Wuhan science and technology innovation activities in 2017 --- voting in progress

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2024-01-02 08:59

On August 23, 2017, the company passed the "2017 Wuhan Science and Technology" jointly organized by Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau, Wuhan Science and Technology Association, Wuhan Enterprise Confederation, Wuhan Entrepreneurs Association, Wuhan Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Service Center, Wuhan Science and Technology News and other units. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit Forum and the "Leader and Growth of Wuhan Technology Innovation Enterprise" series of activities will accept social comment for one week from now on. You can scan the QR code below to participate in voting through WeChat. Please help to vote for Liu Xi, Chairman of Wuhan Tuoyou Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. on No. 71. Everyone can vote 5 votes every day. Thank you for your support!