Brand Road of TORLEO Intelligent Valve Positioner--Inspecting the docking of benchmark coal chemical enterprises in Inner Mongolia

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2024-01-02 08:59

From August 7th to 11th, 2017, Mr. Liu Xi, the chairman of the company, and friends of entrepreneurs from the upstream and downstream of the coal chemical industry chain across the country went to Inner Mongolia to visit and inspect Yitai Group, Inner Mongolia Beikong Jingtai, Zhengneng Chemical, Shenhua, Benchmark enterprises such as Broad Field, Inner Mongolia Yihua, and Qinghua. Feeling the great innovation of the coal chemical industry, Shenhua's coal chemical process innovation is also expected to win this year's China Science and Technology Progress Special Award. TORLEO smart valve positioner, import substitution is also supported and recognized by peers.

During the inspection, I learned that the online non-stop exchange of positioners is one of the pain points of users. The research and development of TORLEO products is based on the core needs of users as the starting point for innovation, and the product has this function when it is launched. It can be seen that the difference ratio is better and more popular with users!